The Challenge of Business Continuity Awareness

Business continuity usually only gets serious executive attention when something bad has happened. Executives pay attention when business services are disrupted or come close to having been disrupted. We need to get creative to break through that natural human tendency to treat that which is low-probability as no-probability.

Emergency Preparedness Week is primarily aimed at generating awareness and education for personal, individual preparation for emergencies. That is important. Yet EP Week is also an opportunity to reinforce the need to prepare the business for emergencies. EP Week is a prime opportunity to exercise creativity to generate business continuity awareness.

That’s where the video below comes in. I created this video for a client to distribute to an executive audience, who will likely then share it with their unit managers. It’s a short, simple video that simply generates some awareness of what business continuity entails, why it’s relevant for management, and how it ties into the theme of emergency preparedness.

Video is now one of the primary vehicles by which marketers engage target audiences. Studies show time and again that memory recall from brief video-based content is extremely high. The same principles at work for marketing apparel, electronics, or the hot new restaurant should also be applied to our internal marketing efforts. Video is an effective and indispensable part of a complete communication toolkit.

Business Continuity Awareness Video


You Can Do Something Similar

Generating a video like this isn’t particularly difficult. It just takes a bit of time.

Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to discuss how you can make something like this yourself, or if you’d like to use this video in your own organization.