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What Does It Cost to Win?
For me, it took years of playing, countless hours of sweat & pain, and thousands of dollars spent on equipment to learn what works and what doesn’t.

For you, it’ll cost less than a single new barrel, less than the cost of a new loader, less than a single day on the field. People keep telling me I could easily charge $80, $100, or even $120 for what you’re going to learn. “That’s still a kickass deal!” they say. Sure it is, but I want as many people to benefit as possible.

I want this guide to be affordable for everyone who wants to kick ass and is serious about winning. Your investment in the Recreational Paintballer’s Guide to Winning – your investment in yourself – is only $65.

F*** that, I want EVERYONE who’s serious about winning to benefit – it’s yours for just $49.


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