We all get into paintball because it’s a thrill. It's an adrenaline rush like no other. Winning makes a great thing even better. Everyone loves the feeling of winning. Everyone loves the energy after a win. Everyone wants to be a winner!

Winners don’t count on luck. Winners win because they have the skills & the knowledge. I’ve been playing paintball since 1996, when paintball was just starting to get into mechanical semi-auto paintguns. I want you to take my years of experience and start winning NOW!

I’ve played scenario recball indoors and outdoors, on concept fields and woodsball. I’ve played pure stock-class and high-intensity speedball. I’ve won 1-on-1 matches with 20 balls on me against firepower hotshots. I’ve played tournaments, Big Games, and friendly matches with good buds. I've played paintball every which way and there are fundamentals that apply any way you play paintball.

You Can Learn the Hard Way or the Smart Way
Choose the smart way. Learn from the experience of others. It’s cheaper. It’s faster. It’s a helluva lot more fun. Take the lessons of over 15 years of playing experience, thousands of dollars spent on equipment, thousands more on playing time and use the knowledge to take YOUR game to the next level RIGHT AWAY. Take the techniques and “tricks” veterans use to win time & again, and start winning like you’ve played and won games for over 15 years.

Learn How to Kick Ass & Take Names
You don’t have to take names. Maybe you don’t care what their names are. I know you want to kick ass though. Here’s how. With the Recreational Paintballer’s Guide to Winning, you’ll learn:

• The keys to expert marksmanship
• How your equipment affects accuracy… or doesn’t
• How to develop the skills you need to win
• How to use techniques the best shooters use
• What drills you can do to hone & perfect your skills
• What the common myths are, and why they sound true but aren’t
• What’s really worth spending your money on
• How to tailor your equipment to suit your playing style
• How to use cover & concealment to your advantage
• How to play a bunker and use cover smartly in a firefight
• Why communications trumps firepower
• How you can communicate effectively
• Why pump players can have an advantage, but not always
• How to use camouflage for best effect … and when it’s just a waste of time and effort
• How to use fire & movement to shock the opposing team and win games
• How to put yourself in the right frame of mind to win


The Best Weapon is Your Brain
Sure you could buy a new barrel, a new loader or even a new gun. It doesn’t matter what the hotheads and posers at the field are saying, the gear does not make the man. Winners are winners because they play like winners. Your brain is your best weapon. Feed your brain and give yourself a truly “unfair” advantage.


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