Paintball FAQ

Why should I pay for a guide when I can find so much free information online?

Yeah, there are a lot of activity on paintball-related forums, that’s true – but if you’re looking for real information that will improve your playing and increase your wins, you’re going to spend hours and hours trolling through absolute crap to find the few nuggets of real information & wisdom. Your time’s worth something, isn’t it?

I know I’d rather use my time to actually play or refine my skills than waste it reading crap, crap and more crap.

Besides, how many of the guys on the forums have been playing for over 15 years? How many of those guys do you think love the game so much they’ll still be playing after 15 years?

If you want to learn something, you want to learn it from someone who’s done it and learned first-hand what works and what doesn’t. You don’t want to learn it from some guy who read it online somewhere and then talks about it like they know it all.

I don’t have to share what I’ve learned with anyone, but I want to. I have always enjoyed helping others to win because honestly, that’s how I went from a bright-eyed newbie to a veteran player who earned kudos like “Man, you got brass cojones!” Older, more experienced players taught me the keys that I used to become a force to be reckoned with – and I want to do the same in return. I want to help you take your game to the next level the fastest, easiest, smartest way possible.

That’s why I wrote the Recreational Paintballer’s Guide to Winning, and that’s why I honestly believe you’re going to get so much more from this guide than you will from surfing the forums for years.

I take my paintball seriously. I’m not just some Joe Blow. Is this guide really going to help me?

Anything worth doing is worth doing well. Taking paintball seriously to develop skills, technique, and the ability to seeing and understand the field and the game is what I did too. Every weekend, I spent hours on drills and exercises – before even playing any games for fun – and I’ve included drills and exercises in this guide that will build the fundamental and advanced skills that you’ll need to totally dominate the paintball field.

I just play once in a while with my friends. Why do I need this guide?

Recreational paintball is something for fun, of course – and winning just makes it more fun. You play to win, right? Otherwise you’d do something else like knitting or watching soap operas.

You don’t have to be hardcore to play at a higher level of skill and ability than your friends. You just need some knowledge and invest in just a bit of time build a few habits in how you think and how you move.

What you’ll learn from this guide will help you have as much fun as possible when you do go out and play some games.

Does the guide talk about gun selection and upgrades? Will it tell me what to buy to kick ass all frickin’ day?

I’ll tell you in the guide what works and why, and I’ll help you figure out what your real playing style is and how to tailor your equipment to make the most of it. I won’t tell you to buy this gun or that gun. Once you have good equipment – and you’ll learn here the basics of what is and what isn’t – it’s not the gun or the barrels or the tank that wins games. It’s the player – and it’s you, the player, that this guide aims to really amp up, upgrade, and send out onto the field to kick ass.

The game is different now. How is a guide written from experience from an “old-timer” going to help me?

The brand names change, the design styles for clothing and guns change, but physics, psychology, and the art of playing smart remains the same. You’d have to be a fool to really believe that everything is different just because a new generation of players has entered the game – and fools don’t win games, so I know you’re no fool!

I’m a brand new player, just getting started. Is this guide going to be way over my head?

I start from the basics and progress to advanced drills, skills, techniques and “tricks”. You won’t get it all right away, but after hitting the field a few times and using what you learn here, it’ll all make sense.

The guide is written assuming you’ve already played paintball at least once and know some of the basic rules and dynamics of the game. I don’t, however, assume that you’re already familiar with all the lingo and concepts – whether real or bogus – that float around in the paintball world.

I play speedball too, not just recball. How the hell am I going to benefit from this guide?

I played speedball too, and it’s where I honed a good number of my skills. Speedball and recball are not mutually exclusive. In fact, paintball is paintball. The details may change, but the core fundamentals stay the same. Fire and movement, communication and coordination, situational awareness and initiative are the fundamentals for every form of paintball. You’ll learn how to use and improve all of these to kick ass no matter what kind of field or what specific format of the game you’re playing.

I don’t want to wear camo and go rolling in dirt in the woods. Is this guide just about woodsball?

Paintball is paintball, whether indoors or outdoors, behind man-made bunkers or real live trees, rocks, and, yes, piles of dirt, heavy brush, muddy patches, and all sorts of things that nature puts “out there”. You can use the same principles, skills and techniques whether you play indoors or outdoors. Sure, I cover some things that only work in the natural world with trees, bushes, hills, and a lot of space to move, but the majority of the guide will tremendously valuable to you whether you choose to play in the woods or not.

Are you telling me I’m going to win every single frickin’ game if I buy the guide?

Hell no. I can’t guarantee you’ll win games because I can’t control how much effort, dedication and guts you’ll put into it. I will give you the knowledge and tools you need to kick ass and have more fun and kudos along the way, but it’s up to you to actually use ‘em.

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