My name is Len, and I've been playing paintball since 1996. My first game ever was at an indoor field. Some friends introduced me to the game and we arrived at the field at about 10pm. It was around 2:30am by the time we left the field, and I knew I had found something truly special.

As a renter, I played my first game ever with what was one of the newest guns at the time: the VM-68, the first blowback open-bolt semi-auto paintball gun to gain wide acceptance. The thing was built like a tank and felt about as heavy as one, but it was the new thing at the time.  Renters had to pay extra to use the VM - otherwise they would use the Brass Eagle Tigershark pumpgun.

It wasn't long before I bought my own equipment. I used a series of open-bolt blowback guns running on CO2 in the days when expansion chambers and siphon tubes were sensible and effective enhancements. I eventually found my way to closed-bolt autococking paintbuns and from there to high performance pumpguns. From there, I went in two directions: high rate-of-fire tournament guns and to classic stock-class pumpguns.

Through all of this, I have benefited from the experience, wisdom and advice of more experienced players.

I have garnered a reputation for playing aggressively and for playing well. Yes, I've worked hard to develop my skills, and yes, I try to learn and improve from each and every game that I play. I know, however, that the foundation upon which I have built my skills and experience - which in turn have earned me my reputation with other players - has been due to the willingness of those more experienced players to share with me key lessons right when I needed them most.

I wrote this guide as my way of giving back to the paintball community - by helping younger players to benefit from what I learned from those who played before me and what I've learned from my own playing and experimenting, losing and winning.

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