How to Make Sushi Like a Pro
"Learn to Make Professional Sushi Yourself!"
How to Make Sushi Like a Pro
Sushi is a wonderfully healthy, elegant and tasty food that everyone can make at home. It is a simple cuisine, and easy to start making, but full of nuance and detail that separates professional-quality sushi from the rest.

My mentor used to differentiate between “professional sushi” and “housewife sushi”. While you may object to how he expressed himself, the difference between amateur sushi and professional sushi is very obvious. It is like comparing apples and oranges – similar in some key respects, but so very different in many more respects.

I want to teach you how to make PROFESSIONAL sushi – the fundamental principles and techniques that you can use right away to make restaurant-quality sushi at home.

Professional-quality sushi depends on the right KNOWLEDGE and the right SKILLS.
What You Will Learn
In this 3 DVD set, you will learn:
Why the rice is the key to great sushi
How to make great sushi rice
Why sushi isn’t just about raw fish and how MANY ingredients can be used
Which types of fish can be used for sushi and which cannot
How to choose a fresh fish at the market or fishmonger’s
How to filet a fish the Japanese way
How to slice different types of fish for sushi & sashimie
What knives work best for sushi & sashimi, and why the knife makes a difference
How to make nigiri sushi
How to make maki sushi (aka sushi rolls)
How to make temaki sushi (aka hand rolls)
How to make chirashi sushi
How to make gunkan sushi
How to make Osaka-style sushi
How to use fatty fish like salmon, lean fish like bass & sea bream, and other toppings like crab, egg, clams, and shrimp
How to maintain a sharp knife
How to eat sushi properly
How to choose a great sushi restaurant after you can make your own sushi
How to choose sustainable & environmentally-responsible sushi
Bonus content includes:
How to choose a great Japanese knife – an interview with Tosho Knife Arts
How to present your sushi like a pro – demonstrations by Chef David Chung, my mentor
Restaurant-Quality Sushi At Home
Top-quality sushi is expensive for two reasons. The first is the cost of top-grade ingredients. Some ingredients will always be expensive, but you’ll learn how flexible sushi can be. You can make tasty, attractive sushi to fit your budget and your preferences!

The other reason is that you are paying I a restaurant for the sushi chef’s knowledge and skill. This is where a little education and practice will save you money!
Do Way Better than the Local Mall & Supermarket
Little kiosks have popped up everywhere in malls and supermarkets selling what is, very frankly, junk sushi. With the How to Make Sushi Like a Pro DVD set, you will learn why you can do MUCH better than fast-food or all-you-can-eat sushi.

In fact, with what you’ll learn, you may even start to wonder how the products in the malls and supermarkets are even called sushi!
You Can’t Learn a Physical Skill from a Book
What’s so complicated about sushi? It’s a slice of fish on top of rice or wrapped in seaweed, right? Not quite.

That’s like saying dancing is just moving to the music! Just as you cannot learn how to dance from a book, you can’t learn how to make real sushi from a book.

I know this because it really surprised me when I was learning just how much a physical skill making sushi really is!

I have been a fan of sushi since I was a child – well before sushi became stylish in North America – and learned to make sushi from the head sushi chef & owner of Akasaka who was traditionally-trained in Japan.

I now make sushi regularly at home – often from scratch with whole, fresh fish!
Learn From the Masters
Disc 3 in this DVD set is an opportunity to learn about professional presentation from my mentor and to learn about choosing your own sushi knives from the experts who provide and maintain knives for prominent sushi chefs in Toronto.
Make Professional, Restaurant-Quality Sushi at Home Right Away!
Order your 3 DVD set How to Make Sushi Like a Pro now for just $49!

Making sushi yourself can save you 75% off the cost of eating out. This investment in your skill and knowledge will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars over the course of your life – it is truly a lifelong skill, and sushi is here to stay!