How to Make Sushi Like a Pro
"Learn to Make Professional Sushi Yourself!"
I have very little cooking experience. Can I still make professional quality sushi?
Making sushi is a very different skill from most other cuisines. As you know, the majority of sushi toppings are not cooked Ė some are, but the steps involved are very simple. You donít need to know how to sear, broil, poach, or grill. If you can boil water, youíll be okay.
Iíd like to make sushi along with my kids. Can we watch this program together?
Of course! The only things youíll want to do yourself is the knife work to fillet a fish (if you choose to do that) and to slice the toppings. If your kids are okay cutting up an apple or an orange, theyíll be okay cutting up sushi rolls. Other than that, making sushi is definitely an activity the whole family can enjoy together!
Eating responsibility is important to me. Do you cover how to choose
sustainable seafood for sushi?
There is some time spent on choosing sustainable seafood. However, for the most up-to-date information on sustainable practices and sustainable choices, youíll want to check with a reputable source online like
Iíve seen photos of sushi rolls made to look like cute cartoon characters.
Do you teach how to make them?
No, I do not cover how to make the cute character sushi rolls. Those are novelty items and are not reflective of authentic, traditional sushi. Have you actually seen rolls like those at a restaurant? There are good reasons why you havenít!
What equipment will I need? I donít want to invest tons of money just to
make sushi.
There are tools and equipment that will make things easier and that can have an impact on the quality of the sushi and its presentation. However, at its most basic, as long as you have a pot to cook the rice, a rice paddle or other short spatula to season the rice, and a sharp knife to cut your ingredients, you can learn how to make great sushi.

You donít even need a bamboo rolling mat if you want to make just nigiri sushi and hand rolls Ė but you can buy a bamboo rolling mat for $1-$2 and then youíre got all the basics covered!
My goal is to find work as a sushi chef or to start my own sushi restaurant.
Will this program help me, or will it be too basic?
If youíve already worked at a proper sushi restaurant, you probably know whatís in this video program. If your work experience thus far has only been at all-you-can-eat sushi joints or the fast-food sushi stalls, youíll know some of the material and some of it will be new to you.

This program wonít teach you how to run your own restaurant, but it will teach you what you need to know to make absolutely great, authentic sushi thatís better than most of whatís out there right now.
I donít want to go through the whole mess of gutting and fileting my own fish.
Your video program isnít hardcore like that, is it?
I do talk about fileting fish, but you donít have to do that if you donít want to. If you have a good fishmonger, you can start from very fresh filets without any issue.
I live in a small town, not a big city. Will I be able to find the ingredients that
I need?
A lot of sushi uses seafood toppings, so if you have access to fresh seafood you will be a-ok. There is sushi that doesnít use seafood, but the variety of sushi you can prepare will be quite limited.

Other ingredients such as nori (seaweed sheets), sushi rice (at least in small packages), rice vinegar, and wasabi powder or paste are becoming readily available in most supermarkets across North America. If your local supermarket doesnít have these ingredients, you can buy them online and have them shipped to you.