An emergency operations center (EOC) is the hub where you coordinate resources and teams to resolve an emergency situation. Running an effective EOC is not just about templates and forms. It’s about receiving, processing and assessing information so that you and everyone else in the EOC make the right decisions.

It isn’t about having laptops and phones tucked away in quick-deployment boxes or even an entire room of computer workstations. It’s about using what you have to ensure you have shared situational awareness about the evolving emergency situation – and what still needs to be done to resolve it.
Use the Tools You Already Have!
I’m sure you have computers in your EOC. Everyone does, whether they are laptops or dedicated workstations. Whether you’re running a lean structure with just a handful of people or running a complex response with room packed full of people, you should be using all your available tools for maximum effect.

Are you doing that with the computers you’ve got? Or are those machines basically just email terminals with some Microsoft Office thrown in?
Maximize Your Effectiveness with EOC Maximizer 3
EOC Maximizer 3 uses the IT resources you already have in order to:
Ensure shared situational awareness through realtime sharing of updates from any station in your EOC, or anyone supporting your EOCvirtually
Ensure instant recognition of new developments through intelligent dashboard design and automatic updates to your Blackberry or other mobile device
Enable seamless, realtime incident documentation to make post-event analysis and reporting as quick and painless as possible
Coordinate communication with partners & stakeholders with a unified incident contact database and powerful call logging, tracking and routing capability
EOC Maximizer 3 is Not for First Responders
The EOC software market is dominated by solutions designed for municipalities and first responder agencies dealing with fires, floods, and natural disasters. They focus on the deployment of police, fire, EMS and public works resources.

EOC Maximizer 3 is not designed for these environments.

EOC Maximizer 3 is designed for organizations and agencies that coordinate resources at a strategic level – where stakeholders, partners and vendors provide many of the front-line services, where matters of policy, reputation, public messaging, procurement and financial tracking must be handled effectively as an integral part of the emergency response.

If you are an organization where policy, political, or business & financial impact are key concerns when responding to emergencies, EOC Maximizer 3 is for you.
Developed Based on Real-World Experience
I have developed EOC processes and systems for many of the major provincial government ministries in Ontario, including the Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Public Infrastructure Renewal, Ministry of the Attorney General, and Ministry of Health & Long Term Care.

EOC Maximizer 1 was built based on my experience in the Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care’s response to the pH1N1 pandemic of 2009. EOC Maximizer 1 was developed to enable a coordinated, effective response to the complications and threats anticipated to arise from the G8 and G20 Summits in Canada held in June 2010, the largest security event ever in Canadian history, surpassing even the Vancouver Olympics in scale and complexity.

Dr. Laurie Mazurik, who was the Strategic Lead for Disaster and Emergency Preparedness for Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre – one of Canada’s leading trauma centers – and who has conducted over 30 mass casualty health care system simulations and who led the G20 Summit Operational Preparations for the Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network, was impressed by EOC Maximizer 1’s capabilities and benefits.

Based on the experience with the ministry’s EOC activation in response to the two international summits, I developed EOC Maximizer 2 to include additional capabilities and developed a new user interface. The system was an integral part of the response to the Northwest Forest Fire Evacuations of 2011 and the Health System Drug Supply Disruption of 2012.

The Forest Fire Evacuations of 2011 involved the temporary relocation of 14 communities and the relocation & redeployment of resources from supporting partner & stakeholder agencies to support the thousands of evacuees and coordinating with 174 federal, provincial and local agencies.

The Drug Supply Disruption of 2012 involved the disrupted supply of over 200 drugs, many of which are critical for a variety of medical treatments and procedures and for which no viable alternates exist. The emergency response involved over 55 stakeholder agencies, 170 hospitals, and 625 long term care homes.

Representatives from Toronto Public Health, the Ministry of Community and Youth Services and the Ministry of Community and Social Services were very impressed with the EOC Maximizer 2, its capabilities and its ability to enhance the effectiveness of any emergency operations center that handles strategic-level coordination and decision-making.

Based on these real-world experiences, I developed EOC Maximizer 3 to build upon the strengths of the previous system and to provide the best emergency operations center support tool available.

Whether you are a public agency or private business, your EOC deals with information, decision-making, communication and multi-party coordination. EOC Maximizer is built to meet your needs in an emergency and is designed to make your emergency response more effective, more efficient, and with better outcomes for you and your organization.
No Matter What Size Your Organization, EOC Maximizer Will Work for You
As a web-based application using secure, 128-bit encrypted data links to your web browser, EOC Maximizer 3 is a robust, easy-to-implement, and utterly scalable system for your EOC no matter what size or degree of complexity.

EOC Maximizer 3 is built to support and enable Incident Management System (IMS) implementation and operations consistent with NIMS, HICS, and the Ontario IMS Doctrine.

EOC Maximizer 3 is built to support and enable scalable, modular EOC operations based on Incident Action Plans (IAPs) with task-level tracking and reporting.

EOC Maximizer 3 is built based on end-user experience in real-world emergency responses using IMS with real political, financial, and public safety impacts in the balance.
It’s an Investment with Exceptional Payback
EOC Maximizer 3 enables you to gain maximum effectiveness from your EOC, into which you have already invested a lot of money to equip and to train your people. The emergencies you face have greater financial, political or public safety impacts than whatever dollar amount you have invested in your EOC – or which you will invest in software to maximize your response effectiveness.

Investing in your ability to respond effectively and efficiently is an investment with exceptional payback any way you measure it.

EOC Maximizer 3 is an online, on-demand application with secure and encrypted web-based user interface, with built-in notification capabilities to Blackberries and other mobile devices, and can be set up within minutes. For just $197 per month, this solution can meet the needs of an EOC of any size and an emergency of any complexity.

Next to setting up your EOC in the first place, EOC Maximizer 3 is the best investment you can make.