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-FEMA, 2011
Order your BCP Fundamentals Kit today to make sure your business will continue to survive & thrive after a disaster!

Every business needs a BCP

Bad things happen that are beyond your control. Acts of God, acts of terror, acts of malice, acts of criminal intent, acts of negligence, and pure bad luck are out of your control.

How you respond when these things happen is very much within your control.

The real question is, do you know how to respond quickly & effectively to save your business? Whether a natural, human-caused or technological disaster, a business continuity plan (BCP) is your best bet and most cost-effective insurance.

A good business continuity plan is about pre-arranging and pre-planning procedures so that your critical business functions are recovered & maintained at planned levels that ensure your business survival.

The basics of BCP are simple, but important. The basics are sensible, and they go beyond mindlessly filling out templates.

Completing a set of templates without understanding the rationale & without understanding the analysis that forms the foundation of a solid, effective plan will only give you false confidence – a false confidence that will crumble when a real incident occurs.

It takes years to build the expertise and experience to build & develop good BCPs for any organization that you work with. Thankfully, you only need to develop a solid BCP for only one organization: yours!

With the BCP Fundamentals Kit – learning at your own pace, on your own schedule, ready to review again at any time – you can learn the fundamentals you need to create a plan that will keep your business alive when the worst happens.

Why invest in a week-long course for thousands of dollars that will teach you to develop plans for any organization anywhere when you are only concerned with one business: your own!

Whether you own the business or are an employee, consider what that security and knowledge is worth to you.

What qualifies me to teach you?

My name is Leonard Chu, and I have been a practicing BCP since 2005. I have been trained and certified by the internationally-recognized Disaster Recovery Institute (DRI Canada). I have developed, tested and revamped the BCPs for:
Organizations ranging in size from 150 employees to over 8000 employees
The Ministry of Energy ( Ontario , Canada ), which is responsible for keeping electricity, oil & gas supplied to over 13 million people
The Ministry of Public Infrastructure Renewal ( Ontario , Canada ), which in 2007 oversaw over $1.8 billion in capital investment
The Ministry of the Attorney General ( Ontario , Canada ) which operates over 250 courthouses across the province, and which by law must enable judges to re mand every single accused individual within 24 hours of arrest
The Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care (Ontario, Canada) which oversees over $46 billion that fund programs including 156 hospitals and over 24,000 physicians

I have also:
Designed & set up emergency operations centres (EOCs) and have been trained to perform at the Provincial Emergency Operations Centre, thecommand hub for any major emergency in Canada ’s largest province
Negotiated mutual aid agreements in support of BCP objectives for business services that had to be recovered in less than an hour
Developed emergency response procedures - based on the Incident Management System (IMS) methodology, the international standard for emergency management – that have made it easier, faster, and more efficient to respond to emergencies
Developed custom information management systems used by the government to amplify effectiveness & streamline efficiency for the G8 & G20 Summits in 2010 – Canada ’s largest security event ever - and massive population evacuations due to forest fires in 2011 – Ontario ’s largest mass evacuation in recent memory

I have a business degree (with numerous academic awards to go along with it), started my own t-shirt design & printing company after graduation, ran my own professional photography business, and have helped develop marketing plans for one of the country’s largest telecommunications companies.

I understand business continuity. I also understand business.
How you’ll benefit from this course… and the included templates
Learn at your own pace, on your own schedule
Be able to develop a robust, effective business continuity plan (BCP) that can save your business or make you a hero when bad things happen
Learn how to target the plan to meet your business needs, your challenges, your circumstances
Understand the analysis that makes the true foundation of a solid & robust plan – something that templates alone can never give you
Know where you need to focus your energies, resources, and time in a crisis to protect the life-sustaining core of your business
Learn from audio, video, text & hanvds-on exercises – no matter how you learn best, you can choose the way that works best for you, or better yet, learn in parallel to truly master the skills
Start building your own robust BCP – the right way, right away – with templates developed through years of experience with a variety of business lines & organizations – templates that will guide you through the planning process
Order your BCP Fundamentals Kit to develop a solid business continuity plan for your business the right way, right away
Knowledge is power.

Nowhere is this truer than when emergencies happen, when a crisis unfolds around you.

Arm yourself with knowledge. Arm yourself with power:
The power to save a business (your business!)
The power to save real lives (every employee in the business will thank you for saving their livelihoods)
And the power to face the future with confidence (and to sleep soundly, too!)
Real change happens when you take action
Order the BCP Fundamentals Kit now and take action to protect your business, your family and your colleagues from risks and dangers out of your control.

Here’s what you get with your BCP Fundamentals Kit:
5 DVDs of video instruction covering everything including a HIRA (hazard identification & risk assessment), BIA (business impact analysis), recovery strategy planning, plan testing, and more!
MP3 audio files so you can review the material anywhere you are
Printed transcripts so that you can read, highlight, annotate, and do whatever helps you to learn, understand, and master the content
Softcopies of the planning templates (in Microsoft Word format) that you can use to start planning the right way, right away – or better yet, customize to suit your unique needs once you understand the powerful fundamentals of BCP
The value of this kit and the knowledge & power you will gain is easily worth over $2000. That’s what an in-class course covering this material would cost you at the very least – and with an in-class course you can’t learn on your own schedule, at your own pace, or review it again at any time like you can with the BCP Fundamentals Kit.

Don’t pay $2000 when you want knowledge and a real BCP plan, and not a piece of paper that says you took an in-person class.

Take command of what truly is under your control – preparation – for just $275.
Invest in the BCP Fundamentals Kit today to gain the skills and knowledge that could help save your business after a disaster!

You have everything to gain & nothing to lose

I am so confident that this course and the templates will help you develop the plan that could save your business and make you a hero that I’m going to back it up with a Total Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you aren’t satisfied for any reason, I’ll give you a 100% refund including the shipping cost.

"I LOVE the way you express things - so real, so colloquial, so friendly and enthusiastic. You're the best thing about COOP! "

Angela Rose
COOP Coordinator, Ontario Public Service

"Fantastic training. Leonard is super engaging and readily accessible and all his stuff is understandable.

Anonymous Feedback
Ontario Public Service

"The templates were noticeably easier to fill out and more straightforward than what we were using before."

Anonymous Feedback
Ontario Public Service

Use the right tools & knowledge to develop a robust plan that works - right now, right away!